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About The Wagyu

Wagyu (Wa-Gu) is a breed of cattle that originated in Japan centuries ago. The word "Wagyu" means "Jananese cattle." Wagyu Cattle are different from other breeds of cattle in the world because of the dense marbling in the beef they produce. Marbling is fatty deposits between and in the beef muscle fibers. It is the marbling in beef that provides the flavor, tenderness and juiciness.

You've likely heard of Kobe Beef, considered a delicacy around the world. Kobe is a term that can only be applied to beef from Wagyu cattle born and raised in the Kobe region of Japan. 100% Wagyu cattle are those bred and raised in the United States, but are verified as true genetic descendants of the Wagyu cattle in Japan which produce the the world famous, Kobe beef. 100% American Wagyu are a rare commodity because they are offspring from the few Wagyu cattle exported to the United States from Japan, first in the 1970's and then in the early 1990's. Japan has prohibited the export of Wagyu cattle ever since.

This 100% designation means the beef comes from the same genetics producing Kobe beef in Japan. Since there are so few Wagyu cattle in the U.S., some breeders choose to cross them with traditional U.S. cattle breeds, creating various percentages of Wagyu cattle. Only 100% American Wagyu Beef offers the eating experience and health benefits on par with Kobe Beef. American Wagyu Beef is often referred to as American Kobe, in the United States.